Baba Jaga

Baba Jaga was composed by Clemens K. Thomas, Jesse Passenier and Anthony Leigh Dunstan. Each composer worte one act, and Clemens K. Thomas was also the librettist.

The witch Baba Jaga from the Russian fairy tales is the topic of this new chamber opera. The story begins with a magical perfume, supposed to make Oletschka, the wife of the hero, irresistable, but it turns out to be nearly fatal! Her husband Aljoscha takes her to the witch Baba Jaga and asks for help. Baba Jaga abuses the situation and changes herself into an irresistable Oletschka. Aljoscha, blindly convinced by Baba Jaga that his wife is the witch, puts her in the oven and lights it. Baba Jaga seduces Aljoscha, but it doesn't stop there. Baba Jaga can revive Oletschka, if Aljoscha makes a promise...

Copyright © 2017-2023 Jesse Passenier. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.