BlackWhite Game

– Jesse Passenier, Marie van Vollenhoven, Nina Willems and Jo-an Westerveld meet on stage to research their common language –

With the most essential slices of time; the square, the circle and the triangle, they build a universe in front of your eyes. A multimedia, dance, mime and music performance with live digital painting, interaction design, stunning animations and video projections.

BLACKWHITE GAME shows a quest for harmony. We experience this in abstract visual and musical compositions with many nuances between black and white. The longing for harmony is a universal power, we find it in humans, in the love between two persons, in our society, in nature, in the universe and beyond.

The artistic research went through several levels, each time adding a member to the team:

Level 1 featured
Marie van Vollenhoven – concept, artistic research, directing, visual design, performance

Level 2, improvised music was introduced by
Jesse Passenier – drums, piano

Level 3 added movement by
Jo-An Westerveld – choreography, performance, mime, dance

Level 4 added the voice of
Nina Willems – spoken word, vocal sounds, performance

The research and creation was done with an interdisciplinary team of artists, designers and even scientists of the Artificial Intelligence department:

Interaction Design
MAMDT – Yascha Francken
Prefrontal Cortex – Felix Herbst

Scientific Research and Innovation
Artificial Intelligence departmentGehrard WeissJerry Spanakis

Theatre Scenery
Marq ClaessenTon Oostveen

Igor VrebacArnoud Noordergraaf, Marc Maris

In Infinity ProductionsVIA ZUIDJazz MaastrichtIntro MaastrichtTheater aan het VrijthofArtificial Intelligence department Maastricht University

Copyright © 2017-2023 Jesse Passenier. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.