Signed with Donemus Publishing

Signed with Donemus Publishing
– by Jesse Passenier
Maastricht area, 7th of July, 2021

Great news! I’ve signed with Donemus Publishing!

Managing director Davo van Peursen: “We are very honoured to have multi-talented Jesse Passenier signing with Donemus. I noticed him at the November Music Festival, back in 2019. His music has a unique identity with a nice combination of styles. We are looking forward to many impressive upcoming projects.”

I’m proud to sign with Donemus Publishing, such a household name in the Dutch music sector with a strong presence in both national and international music business. Donemus’ open-minded approach to music fits perfectly with my profile as a composer, as I always set out to write both challenging, yet accessible work. Like that, I want to be a connector, a bridge for our listeners’ ears. I’m convinced Donemus is the right partner in this endeavour, and together I’m eager to become a Dutch ambassador for new music! Working in both classical and jazz music fields, I think both these scenes might discover that there’s a lot more to like from each other, and I hope that my music contributes to that discovery process.

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Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.