Happy Medium

Happy Medium is Passenier’s interdisciplinairy improvisation research project, funded by the New Makers Allowance from the Performing Art Fund NL. In this research Passenier sets out to bring disciplines close together in improvisation, whilst having to communicate through different languages. He wants a dancer, a light artist and musicians to be as tight and communicative as a bass player and a drummer can be. This means, studying each others language, learning about the obstacles, and finding ways around them! So far Passenier collaborated in this quest at Cultura Nova (Heerlen) Gaudeamus Sessions (Utrecht) Fluid Festival (Maastricht) and Intro In Situ (Maastricht) with Marie van Vollenhoven (visual arts) and Audrey Apers (dancer), Raymond Honing (flutist) and Kenzo Kusuda (dancer).

Copyright © 2017-2023 Jesse Passenier. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.