i-Classics Music & Technology

South Netherlands Philharmonic
Kristiina Poska conductor
CREW concept and technical installation
Christoph De Boeck sound art

Peformed works

Symphony No. 4 in B Flat Major by Ludwig van Beethoven
Interlude I and Interlude II by Jesse Passenier

An ultimate sensory experience, take in Beethoven’s Fourth by having your entire body resonate with the sound

Technology is everywhere. Even in a symphony orchestra. Together with tech company CREW and sound artist Christoph De Boeck the South Netherlands Philharmonic collaborated to create a new spacial and bodily experience for Symphony No. 4 in B Flat Major by Ludwig van Beethoven. To keep the experience ongoing, new connecting compositions, Interlude I & II, were written by Jesse Passenier, to link between the movements of Beethoven’s Symphony. Disruption, enrichment, and addaptation were key principles in this technological experiment. The production was led by the energetic, expressive, and precise conductor Kristiina Poska.

Copyright © 2017-2023 Jesse Passenier. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.