Nos Pères

About Nos Pères (2011)

Nos Pères displays a colourful portrait of ‘our fathers and father figures’. This was the first orchestral project by Jesse Passenier with his own Broad Music Orchestra, the predecessor of his Fluid Orchestra of today.

With the use of texts from literature and poetry the project becomes interdisciplinary; texts from Albert Camus, Jacques Prévert, Gerard Reve & Willem Nijholt, the bible, and samples of speeches are featured. Musically, the project merges jazz – mainly relating to the big band idiom – and classical genres, such as impressionism and romanticism.


Broad Music Orchestra

Vocals/Piano Roderik Povel
Saxes/Clarinets Daniel Daemen, Niek Starmans, Stien Carlier
Trumpets/Flugelhorns Nando van Westrienen, Daniel Vanderhoydonks
Trombones Tim Daemen, Jeroen Geurts
String Quartet Stefaan De Rycke, Janne Sars, Marie-Louise de Jong, Mateusz Kwiatkowski
Harp Guitar/Fretless Guitar Melle Weijters
Double Bass Joost Verbakel
Drums/Vibraphone Rick Maassen

Composer/Conductor Jesse Passenier

Nos Pères

  1. Pater Noster (“Our Father”, Biblical text)
  2. Notre Père (“Our Father”, poem by Jacques Prèvert)
  3. Lieve Vaders (“Dear Fathers”, salutations of letters between Gerard Reve & Willem Nijholt)
  4. Speeches (samples of speeches of world leaders and other politicians)
  5. Daddy’s Prospect (jazz sextet)
  6. Le Père Perdu (“The Lost Father”)
  7. Mon Petit Camus (“My Little Camus”, letter by schoolteacher Louis Germain directed to Albert Camus, from Le Premier Homme by Albert Camus)
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Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.