The Wanted Project

The Wanted Project has been a continuous project by Jesse Passenier for many years, which originated at Intro Maastricht in 2010. The project is a workshop concept, for which Passenier publically invites musicians to join. Once the line-up is clear, he rapidly writes a concert specifically for it. The concert is rehearsed during the day and performed the same night, each time with many premières and experiments to listen to! This concept brings enthousiastic musicians together and challenges Passenier to write in very short time for sometimes highly unusual line-ups.

Confirming the succes of the Wanted project, Jesse was asked to create special editions at the Jazz Masters Festival, Maastricht and November Music Festival, Den Bosch. Since 2017, the project has also become part of the Conservatory of Maastricht, where Passenier coaches students to learn to do the quick writing for unusual line-ups by themselves now.

Beside the Wanted Project, Passenier has a residential role at Intro Maastricht. Starting as one of the 'Jonge Honden' (Newbies), he has grown into a partnership with Intro Maastricht for New Makers Allowance from the Performing Art Fund NL, and he has collaborated in various projects of Intro Maastricht, as a composer, conductor, maker, and improvising musician.

Copyright © 2017-2023 Jesse Passenier. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2017- Jesse Passenier All rights reserved.